Attack Guide


Axe Dial

Kanji: 斬撃貝(アックスダイアル)
Translation: Axe Dial

Hotori uses the Axe Dial in his right hand to make a cutting attack.


Bikkuri Dial Illusion

Kanji: びっくり貝(ダイアル)イリュージョン
Translation: Surprise Dial Illusion

Hotori and Kotori join arms and spin around rapidly, since they look exactly alike, the opponent loses track of who’s who and thus who has what dials.


Flame Dial

Kanji: 炎貝(フレイムダイアル)
Translation: Flame Dial

Hotori uses the Flame Dial in his left hand to launch fire. Combined with Kotori's Flavor Dial they can cause a huge explosion.