Attack Guide

Hody Jones

Gyojin Juujutsu: Mizugokoro

Kanji: 魚人柔術 水心
Translation: Gyojin Jiujitsu: Water Heart

Using a jujitsu technique (unarmed martial art that originates in the bushi battle methods), Hody centralizes in both hands an enormous amount of water.


Kiri Same

Kanji: キリサメ
Translation: Cutting Shark

Hody takes a huge curved cutting blade, extremely sharp, which he attaches to his dorsal fin. Using his swimming speed, Hody cuts every opponent in his path with it. There is a pun in this attack on "drizzle" (Kirisame).


Mura Same

Kanji: 群鮫
Translation: Shark Shoal

After accumulating a huge amount of water in his arms with "Mizugokoro", Hody fired several shark-shaped water proyectiles, with the intention that they go through the body of his adversary. The name of the attack is a pun on "passing rain" (Murasame).


So Shark

Kanji: 粗鮫(ソシャーク)
Translation: So Shark

Hody approaches to a huge column, and with his hand, introduces his fingers on it and then makes a huge hole. Because of this hole, the column falls and breaks. This technique is used to start a flooding on the Gyojin Island's Ryuuguu Palace.



Kanji: 撃水
Translation: Water Shot

A Gyojin Karate technique. Hody gathers in one hand a small amount of water, which he shots at full speed against an opponent, as if it were a rifle shot, being even able to pass through several walls. According Jinbe, Hody demonstrated an apprentice level in Gyojin Karate when he easily intercepted his "Uchimizu" with his own one. There is a pun in this attack on "sprinkling water".



Kanji: 海太鼓
Translation: Sea Drum

A Gyojin Karate technique. Underwater, Hody releases a powerful punch that creates a shockwave capable of hitting a distant enemy.


Yabu Same

Kanji: 矢武鮫
Translation: Archer Shark

Hody buries his hand on the water, and pulling it, he soak his hand and fingers, which launches a series of powerful water drops, as rapid as arrows, which are able to cross one or more people.