Attack Guide


Foxy has the powers of the Noro Noro no Mi, that allows him to delay anything for 30 seconds, being helpful to paralyze his enemies and to give them a beating while they can't move.

He is also he a great Davy Back Fight player, in which he interferes cheating to win, reason why he is known as the "master of interferences". In addition, he is undefeated in Combat until he was defeated in the fight againt Luffy.

Counter Fox Blow

Kanji: カウンターフォックスブロー
Translation: Counter Fox Blow

Foxy placed in his fist a fox-shaped trap and counters to the opponent with it, trapping his face with the trap and taking advantage of the distraction to escape.


Foxy Fighter

Kanji: フォクシー飛行狐(ファイター)
Translation: Foxy Fighter

Foxy uses the "Noro Noro Beam" with a cannonball and transforms it into a fox-shaped head plate and rides it to drive himself against his opponent.


Foxy Shichi Henge

Kanji: フォクシー七変化
Translation: Foxy Seven Transformations

Foxy uses a mask and another clothes to deceive the enemy and to be able to escape from him.


Gorilla Punch Golden Hits

Kanji: ゴリラパンチゴールデンヒッツ
Translation: Gorilla Punch Golden Hits

Riding the Gorilla Puncher #13, Foxy trows all the burning fists of the machine at the same time.


Gorilla Puncher 13 Gou

Kanji: ????????13?
Translation: Gorilla Puncher #13

Foxy uses his Gorilla Puncher #13 for attack his opponent. When the punches of this machine hits it explodes covering in flames the enemy.


Kousoku Kaiten Mirror Ball

Kanji: 高速回転ミラー・ボール
Translation: High Speed Rotation Mirror Ball


Kuyashi Magire Ippon Seoi

Kanji: くやしまぎれ一本背負い
Translation: Unexpected Throw Over the Shoulder

Foxy pretends to give the hand to the opponent, but instead of that, he executes a judo technique to throw him over his shoulder. In Luffy's case, Foxy didn't count that his arm stretched.


Kyuubi Rush

Kanji: 九尾ラッシュ
Translation: Nine Tails Rush

Foxy throws a rush of punches against his opponent after using over him the "Noro Noro Beam" or the "Noro Noro Beam Sword" and this way, after finishing the 30 seconds of the Noroma Photons he receives all the damage at the same time.


Megaton Kyuubi Rush

Kanji: メガトン九尾ラッシュ
Translation: Megaton Nine Tails Rush

The same attack as "Kyuubi Rush" but Foxy launch it with more power and speed thanks to an accessory that he connects to his arms. This attack is as powerful as the "Gomu Gomu no Gatoringu".


Mirror Racket

Kanji: 鏡(ミラー)ラケット
Translation: Mirror Racket

Foxy uses the "Noro Noro Beam" against a hand mirror to reflect it to the opponent.


Noro Noro Beam

Kanji: ノロノロビーム
Translation: Slow Slow Beam

Foxy use the abilities of the "Noro Noro no Mi" to launch a beam that slowdowns anything for 30 seconds.


Noro Noro Beam Sword

Kanji: ノロノロビームソード
Translation: Slow Slow Beam Sword

Similar to the "Noro Noro single Beam" attack, only that this time Foxy sends it through the handle that he carries in his pants to use it as a whip.


Noro Noro Foxy Face Bomb

Kanji: ノロノロフォクシー顔爆弾(フェイスボム)
Translation: Slow Slow Foxy Face Bomb

Using a hidden special cannon in the Sexy Foxy, Foxy throws some bombs with his head shape and he hides among them to approach to his opponent without being noticed. After striking his opponent, all the bombs explode.


Noroma Ball Oni Coach

Kanji: ノロマボール鬼コーチ
Translation: Noroma Ball Demon Coach

Foxy attack with the Gorilla Puncher #13 while he reflectes his "Noro Noro Beam" in the mirrow of the wall.