Attack Guide

Don Krieg

Krieg is famous pirate for his surprise attacks, using a Marine flag Krieg assaulted the ports, he also is known for raising the white flag to pretend to be defeated and attack again by surprise. These repulsive tactics granted him the title of the "Terror of East Blue" and "Sneak Attack Krieg".

The main weapon of Krieg is its own armor, that hides all kind of additional weapons everywhere. The arms of the armor are done of "Hagan", a material used for forges swords, the torso is made of "Wootz Steel" and the fists are covered of strong diamond.

One of Krieg's peculiarities is that he doesn't mention the names of his attacks during the combat, unlike most of the anime and manga characters. Maybe this is a way to empathize in his surprise attacks. That's the reason why the following list is formed by the description of its weapons instead of the attacks.


Translation: Net

Krieg's armor has a wrist mounted net launcher that larges a heavy iron net.



Kanji: 爆弾
Translation: Bombs

Krieg's special shields can also fire normal bombs and can fire several in quick succession if necessary.


Dai Sensou

Kanji: 大戦槍
Translation: The Great Battle Spear

Krieg unites both of his special shields into one then draws out a retractable blade and pole thus converting them into a 1 ton spear. In addition of being able to stab and slice like normal spears, Krieg's spear also creates explosions whenever it hits something allowing Krieg to inflict massive damage to anything the strikes.



Kanji: 弾丸
Translation: Bullets

Krieg uses the ten gun barrels that are built-in to his armor in addition to the two double barreled pistols he holds in this hands, to fire a rapid-fire barrage of bullets.



Kanji: フレイル
Translation: Flail

Krieg keeps a large metal spiky ball & chain handy to attack people or smash things.


Kaen Housha

Kanji: 火炎放射
Translation: Flamethrower

The armor on Krieg's right arm has a built in flamethrower.


Kenzan Manto

Kanji: 剣山マント
Translation: Kenzan Mantle

Krieg's only defensive weapon besides his actual armor, the underside of his cape is full of spikes which he can swap around himself to protect from physical attacks like punches, or at least cause them to stab themselves on the spikes. A "kenzan" is a flower arranging tool which is basically a single base with a bunch of needles sticking out of it.


Modoku Gasu dan MH5

Kanji: 猛毒ガス弾 M・H・5
Translation: Poisonous Gas Shell MH5

Krieg fires a missile from one of his special shields that explodes into a large cloud of poisonous gas which is said to be strong enough to swipe out an entire village with one blast. Krieg apparently uses this attack quite often as all of his followers carry around their own personal gasmasks to keep from keeping killed by their own captain’s attack.


Sakuretsu Shuriken

Kanji: 炸裂手裏剣
Translation: Shuriken Explosion

Krieg fires a missile from one of his special shields similar to the MH5, only this missile unleashes a spray of shuriken when it explodes.



Translation: Shields

Krieg's primary weapons, normally wore one on each shoulder when not in use. These special shields can not only be used to defend or as bashing weapons, but have been specially modified into highly effective firearms. The two shields can even be united into Krieg's mighty Dai Sensou.



Translation: Spears

Krieg's special shields can shoot a rapid-fire barrage of small spears.