Attack Guide


Cabaji is an acrobat swordsman. He fight riding his unicycle and uses his stomage as the found of his sword, as a swords Swallower. He uses his circus tricks to launch attacks at short and long distance that can take opponent by surprise for their singularity.

All of Cabaji's attacks go preceded of "Kyokugi" (acrobatic trick in Japanese) to leave constant that those are circus acrobatic techniques.

Ichirin Zashi

Kanji: 一輪刺し
Translation: One Wheel Slash

Nouryou Uchiage Hanabi attack Cabaji aims his sword downwards and attempts to land on and impale his opponent.


Kaji Oyaji

Kanji: 火事おやじ
Translation: Fire Dad

Cabaji pulls down his bandana and breathes fire at close range. This attack comes from a Japanese saying "jishin kaminari kaji oyaji" or "earthquakes, thunder, fires, dads", a typical comparison of the father to various terrifying acts of God.


Kamikaze Hyakkoma Gekijou

Kanji: カミカゼ百コマ劇場
Translation: Dance of 100 Kamikaze Tops

Cabaji throws many spinning tops at the opponent, these only serve as a distraction against stronger opponents but might be able to do some damage if they go unblocked.


Nouryou Uchiage Hanabi

Kanji: 納涼打ち上げ花火
Translation: Enjoying the cool of evening and fireworks

After using his Yama Noboroo attack, Cabaji spins around to aim his the final blow, Ichiren Zashi attack.


Soutennenshoku Carnival

Kanji: 総天然色カーニバル
Translation: All Natural Color Carnival

Cabaji waves his sword in a figure-8 pattern and releases rainbow colored slashes that slice up everything around him.


Yama Noboroo

Kanji: 山登ろー
Translation: Climb the Mountain

Cabaji rides his unicycle vertically up a wall to gain altitude and set up for his Nouryou Uchiage Hanabi attack.


Yukemuri Satsujin Jiken

Kanji: 湯けむり殺人事件
Translation: Murder at the Steam Bath

Cabaji spins his unicycle around and while dragging his sword along the ground kicks up dust until it is hard to see.