Attack Guide


Buggy has eaten Bara Bara fruit ("Bara Bara" is a Japanese onomatopoeia that represent the sound of cutting something in pieces) that allow him to divide his body and to control these parts separately. This power makes him immune to sharp attacks, it is only possible to cause him damage by physical blows. His great advantage resides in separate and attack always at distance, but this has also a disadvantage, all his parts can suffer damage and in case that the enemy catches one of them he will be in problems.

Aside from his powers, Buggy can also use knives, a total of three per hand and two in the ends of his feet. With a combination of these knives and his powers he can create some frightful attacks.

Bara Bara Car: Bakudan Engine

Kanji: バラバカー 爆弾エンジン
Translation: Bara Bara Car: Bomb Engine

Buggy grabs hold of a set of wheels and small motor provided by his followers and reassembles his body parts so that his body forms a makeshift Go-Cart with his head perched on top to steer.


Bara Bara Carnival

Kanji: バラバラカー二バル
Translation: Bara Bara Carnival

Buggy uses his floating upper half to fly at an opponent, them clasps both hands together and slams the back on an opponent's neck.


Bara Bara Festival

Kanji: バラバラフェスティバル
Translation: Bara Bara Festival

Buggy separates his entire body into tiny chunks and sends them flying at his opponent to pummel them senseless with his body arts.


Bara Bara Hadeni Gattai

Kanji: バラバラ派手に合体
Translation: Bara Bara Body Reassemble

A recovery technique used to call all of Buggy's body back together if it gets knocked to pieces by an enemy attack and wants do make a cool comeback. He's prone to chanting "Bara Bara Bara Bara" over and over again while his parts fly around and come back together.


Bara Bara Hou

Kanji: バラバラ砲
Translation: Bara Bara Cannon

Buggy fires one or both of his hands at his opponent. His attack is very versatile because he can use this attack to punch, grab or even stab his opponent with knives.


Bara Bara Hou: Kirihanashi

Kanji: バラバラ砲 切り離し
Translation: Bara Bara Cannon: Detach

Similar to the "Bara Bara Hou" but this time Buggy fires a bit of his arm along with his hand so that if the opponent manages to catch the projectile Buggy can still detach his fist from the bit of arm to allow the attack to connect.


Bara Bara Kick

Kanji: バラバラキック
Translation: Bara Bara Kick

Buggy separates his lower half from his upper half then sends his lower half to deliver a strong kick to his opponent, sometimes taking out several with one shot.


Bara Bara Kinkyuu Dasshutsu

Kanji: バラバラ緊急脱出
Translation: Bara Bara Emergency Escape

When Buggy sees an incoming attack he quickly splits the targeted area of his body apart to dodge the attack and avoid harm.


Bara Bara Kuuchou Kirimomi Dai Circus

Kanji: バラバラ空中錐揉み大サーカス
Translation: Bara Bara Midair Spinning Great Circus

Buggy separates his body parts while he has his opponent grabbed as he throws him to the air in a fast spin to finally hit the ground.


Bara Bara no Dohade Tonkachi

Kanji: バラバラのド派手トンカチ
Translation: Bara Bara Flashy Hammer

Trying to mimic Luffy's "Gomu Gomu no Tonkachi Raifuru" attack, Buggy shots a "Bara Bara Hou" covering his hand of wax. Unfortunately, it ended being useless, since Buggy hasn't Luffy's strength. This attack was only used in the anime.


Bara Bara Punch

Kanji: バラバラパンチ
Translation: Bara Bara Punch

Buggy makes a fist and shoots it, virtually no different than his Bara Bara Hou.


Bara Bara Senbei

Kanji: バラバラせんべい
Translation: Bara Bara Rice Cracker

Buggy reveals tiny blades on the tips of his shoes, separates lower half, and then spins his legs at a high velocity thus turning this lower half into a spinning saw of death.


Chi wo Bara Bara Hou

Kanji: 地をバラバラ砲
Translation: Crawling Bara Bara Cannon

Buggy fires one hand along the ground to grab and immobilize an opponent.


Tokusei Muggy Dama

Kanji: 特製マギー玉
Translation: Special Muggy Ball

Perfecting the "Buggy Cannonball" he used for his cannon at Orange Village, Buggy placed a small one in the sole of his shoe, but with the same explosive power that large ones. Through a small hole in his shoe, Buggy shots the "Muggy Dama", which at impacting with an opponent, causes a tremendous explosion.