Attack Guide


Buchi is of the Nyaban Brothers of the Kuroneko Pirates. The Nyaban Brothers are stronger members of the crew, they have cat-like qualities, such as their flexibility or supporting falls from high altitude. In this case the name of Buchi comes from its spots in the skin, resembling them those of a cat. They are armed with claws in their hands that are resembled those of a cat. Buchi unlike Sham, has a better resistance and is stronger, thanks to his fat body. Their battle style is based on being underestimated by their opponents, for take their opponent by surprise.

Cat the Funjyatta

Kanji: キャット・ザ・フンジャッタ
Translation: Cat Stomp

Buchi jumps into the air and tries lands on his opponent with one foot crush them under his massive weight. Sham often distracts or holds the opponent in place so Buchi can hit his target easier.


Nekoyanagi Daikoushin

Kanji: ネコ柳 大行進
Translation: Grand March of the Puss Willows

Sham and Buchi both charge the opponent and slash wildly with their sharp claws to shred their opponent into human confetti. If we read "Neko Yanagi Daikoushin", the meaning is "Grand March of the Slim Vat".