Attack Guide

Boa Sandersonia

In her slave years with the Tenryuubito, Boa Sandersonia was forced to eat the Hebi Hebi no Mi Model Anaconda, which gave her the ability to become a huge anaconda. With this ability, Sandersonia is able to hit with great force her opponents, and she gained speed.

Besides all this, and as all the Kuya, Marigold is able to use Ambition.

Heavy Slam

Kanji: 蛇(ヘビー)スラム
Translation: Heavy Slam

Sandersonia holds with her tail an enemy tightly to nearly be suffocated. After that, Sandersonia beats his victim against the floor.


Hebigami Tsuki: Yamata no Orochi

Kanji: 蛇髪憑き 八岐大蛇
Translation: Snake Hair Possession: Eight Branch Snake

Using a similar ability to Kumadori's "Seimei Kikan", Marigold moves her hair at will, and can make shapes with it, and returns an output similar to that of steel. After gaining a dangerous position (in the form of a Japanese demon), Sandersonia prepares to attack an opponent. A "Yamata no Orochi" is a Japanese legendary monster which has eight heads and eight tails and is often revered as the deity of the mountain in Shinto.


Snake Dance

Kanji: 蛇(スネーク)ダンス
Translation: Snake Dance

Using Ambition's ability to read the attacks, Sandersonia performs a kind of dance which with she is able to dodge any kind of attack, no mather how fast they may be.