Attack Guide

Boa Marigold

In her slave years with the Tenryuubito, Boa Marigold was forced to eat the Hebi Hebi no Mi Model King Cobra, which gave her the ability to become a huge cobra. With this ability, Marigold is able to hit with great force to her opponents, and she is even capable of throwing dangerous and potent poison through his mouth.

Besides all this, and as all the Kuya, Marigold is able to use Ambition.

Heavy Stake

Kanji: 蛇突(ヘビー・スティック)
Translation: Heavy Stake

After reppel several attacks, Marigold gives a great blow with his cobra tail. This attack was done using Ambition, to be effective against Akuma no Mi users.


Hebigami Tsuki: Salamander

Kanji: 蛇髪憑き・炎の蛇神(サラマンダ)
Translation: Snake Hair Possession: Salamander

Using a similar ability to Kumadori's "Seimei Kikan", Marigold moves her hair at will, and can make shapes with it. After gaining a dangerous position (in the form of salamander), Marigold ignited herself, and thus get much more devastating attacks. The "salamander" is an amphibian, existing in the world, but this time, refers to the mythological amphibian of the sixteenth century.