List of Wazamono

"List of Wazamono" or "Token no Wazamono Ichiran" is a list of 228 katanas and other weapons released in 1805 by Yamada Asaemon in the book "Kaihokenshaku". It lists 12 Saijou Oo Wazamono, 21 Oo Wazamono, 50 Ryou Wazamono, 80 Wazamono and 65 with mixed level of works. Because this list is a complete list by the samurai whose job was testing a katana, it had been and is still used as a benchmark for a katana. However, this list has also been used by those who sold a fake katana for quick money.

In One Piece we could see the book and some katanas inspired in this list. The book that Tashigi used in Loguetown to evaluate the swords of the armoury is not other that the very same "Kaihokenshaku" and the Kuina's sword and the two new swords that Zoro obtains, are Wazamono based on the mentioned list.