Attack Guide


Zeff was a famous pirate for his skill with the legs, the legend says that while he fights his feet turned red of his enemies blood, which gave him the nickname "red legs". Now at his age and after losing one of his legs, he no longer looks as frightful as before, but he conserves all his skills and the experience of so many years as pirate.

Ryouri Chou Drop

Kanji: 料理長ドロップ
Translation: Head Chef Drop

Zeff jumps into the air then lands on his opponent putting the entire weight of his body into his wooden leg.


Ryouri Chou Gisoku Kick

Kanji: 料理長義足キック
Translation: Head Chef Wooden Leg Kick

Zeff does a flying sidekick and with his wooden leg and over the opponet's neck. In the anime it was changed for an attack to the waist.