Attack Guide


Drop Mountain

Kanji: 落下満点(ドロップマウンテン)
Translation: Drop Mountain

Yama jumps high in the air and attempts to land on his opponent and crush them with his weight.


Juubai Axe, Axe Mountain

Kanji: 斬撃満点(アックスマウンテン)
Translation: Tenfold Axe, Axe Mountain

Yama reveals a cloth with 10 Axe Dial embedded in it. He slams into his opponent to trigger all the dials at once and slice his opponent apart.


Punch Mountain

Kanji: 拳満点(パンチマウンテン)
Translation: Punch Mountain

Yama throws a heavy punch with all his weight behind it.


Stomach Mountain

Kanji: 腹部満点(ストマックマウンテン)
Translation: Stomach Mountain

Yama body slams his opponent.