Attack Guide


Baku Baku Factory

Kanji: バクバク工場(ファクトリー)
Translation: Baku Baku Factory

Allows Wapol to eat objects and/or people and reshape/combine them inside is body before spitting them back out to do his bidding. He once used it to fuse his henchmen Kuromarimo and Chess into the formidable fighter Chessmarimo.


Baku Baku Factory: Slim Up Wapol

Kanji: バクバク工場(ファクトリー) スリムアップワポル
Translation: Baku Baku Factory: Slim Up Wapol

A variation of the "Baku Baku Factory" where he stretches his lower jaw around his entire body and eats himself until the looks like a metal bucket with teeth. His body is then digested and re-emerges a lot taller and thinner than it was.


Baku Baku Shock

Kanji: バクバク食(ショック)
Translation: Baku Baku Shock

Giving new meaning to the phrase "you are what you eat", Wapol uses this technique to morph his body into anything he has eaten recently, sometimes taking properties from several different objects at once. The pun here is that the word "shoku" also means "food" or "meal".


Baku Baku Shock: Bero Cannon

Kanji: バクバク食(ショック) ベロ大砲(キャノン)
Translation: Baku Baku Shock: Tongue Cannon

Another variation of the "Baku Baku Shock" technique, this time Wapol opens his mouth wide and transforms his tongue into a cannon attempting to launch a surprise attack on anyone foolish enough to get close to Wapol.


Baku Baku Shock: Ningen Heiki

Kanji: バクバク食(ショック) 人間兵器
Translation: Baku Baku Shock: Human Weapon

Wapol's ultimate form which he transforms into after gobbling up everything in his castle’s armory. Not much is seen of this form but we do know that Wapol grows extremely large and his body turns into a mass of swords, spears ad cannon barrels.


Baku Baku Shock: Wapol House

Kanji: バクバク食(ショック) ワポルハウス
Translation: Baku Baku Shock: Wapol House

This is the form he takes upon first using the "Baku Baku Shock" to give himself the shape of a large house with two cannons for arms thanks to a "toasted house", a pair of cannons (one buttered and one raw), and a "cannonball and gunpowder salad" he'd eaten earlier that day. In this form, he can fire blasts from his cannon arms and make easier use of the Baku Baku Factory technique as the things he makes can emerge from a door on his stomach rather than spit out his mouth.


Royal Drum Crown 7 Shot Bliking Cannon

Kanji: ロイヤルドラムクラウン7連散弾ブリキング大砲
Translation: Royal Drum Crown 7 Shot Bliking Cannon

According to Wapol this is the Drum Kingdom's most powerful weapon, but he didn't get to use it.



Kanji: 雪化粧
Translation: Snow Covered

Wapol buries himself in the thick snow with his mouth open wide. Then when his enemy wanders too close he tries to devour them in one big bite. Should the initial attack fail for some reason Wapol usually has his henchmen hide nearby to attack alongside him.