Attack Guide


He is the culinary warrior of the CP7. All his attacks are based on food and the "Ramen Kenpo" art, a martial art that is based on getting noodles in various parts of his body and use them as weapons. He also uses various kitchen utensils to attack.

Fire Skate

Kanji: ファイアスケート
Translation: Fire Skate

With his line skates in flames, Wanze jumps and kicks his opponent.


Houchou Nage

Kanji: 包丁投げ
Translation: Kitchen Knifes Throw

Wanze simultaneously throws many kitchen knifes against his opponent.


Men Kiri

Kanji: 麺切
Translation: Noodle Cut

Wanze strikes the ground with his like skates until the friction puts them on fire. Used to prepare his "Fire Skate" attack.


Men Soul Press

Kanji: 麺魂(メンソウル)プレス
Translation: Noodle Soul Press

After immobilizing his opponent catching him with the noodles "Men's Formal Suit", Wanze dropped over his body.


Ramen Beam

Kanji: 拉麺ビーム
Translation: Ramen Beam

Wanze puts in his mouth a great amount of flour and, covering one of his nose holes, he shoots it through another one in sharpened noodles that nails in their objective. When he uses his "Men's Formal Suit" it is his defense against attacks directed to him.


Ramen Gyoza Set Clapping

Kanji: ラーメンギョーザセット クラッピング
Translation: Ramen Gyoza Set Clapping

Wanze shakes the arms of the "Men's Formal Suit" as whips one against the other to catch his opponent among them.


Ramen Kenpo Ougi: Men's Formal Suit

Kanji: ラーメン拳法「奥義」麺ズ正裝(メンズフォーマル)スーツ
Translation: Ramen Martial Arts Secret Technique: Noodle's Formal Suit

Wanze creates a great amount of noodles introducing flour in his mouth and removing them by the nose until forming an giant noodle armor. Besides serving as armor it also increases the force of his blows and if his opponent tries to strike him he will be catched between the noodles remaing vulnerable to other attacks. Here "Men" is a pun of the English word and the Japanese one (noodle).


Ramen Kenpo Urahiden: Menkiri Dokupouchou

Kanji: ラーメン拳法「裏秘伝」麺切り毒包丁
Translation: Noodle Martial Art's Last Secret: Poisoned Kitchen Knife

Armed with a large knife impregnated with a powerful poison, Wanze charges against his opponent to divide him in half. According to him, a drop of the poison is enough ofr killing a person.


Ramen Kenpo: Fukumen Spank

Kanji: ラーメン拳法 複麺スパンク
Translation: Ramen Martial Arts: Multiple Noodle Spank

Creating previously several more noodle arms in his "Men's Formal Suit", Wanze launchs a rain of punches against his opponent.


Ramen Kenpo: Menkui Knocker

Kanji: ラーメン拳法 麺杭ノッカー
Translation: Ramen Martial Arts: Noodle Stake Knocker

When he remaining without the arms of his "Men's Formal Suit", Wanze throws a double kick with it's legs.


Ramen Kenpo: Tonkotsu Spank

Kanji: ラーメン拳法 豚骨スパンク
Translation: Ramen Martial Arts: Pork Bones Spank

Wanze launches a powerful punch with one of the "Men's Formal Suit" arms.


Senmen Muchi

Kanji: ラーメン拳法 千麺ムチ
Translation: Thousand Noodle Whip

Wanze shakes the arms of the "Men's Formal Suit" as whips for all the battle ground.