Attack Guide


Wadatsumi is a giant tiger blowfish gyojin. Apart from having several of the gyojins known abilities (as swimming speed and a strength 20 times greater than the humans), due to his considerable size, which has earned him the Oonyuudou (Bald-headed Calborota) nickname, Wadatsumi has a tremendous brute force capable of destroying entire ships.

In addition to this, Wadatsumi can ingest a substance called "Energy Steroid", which potentiates his and strength even more.


Kanji: メガ入道
Translation: Mega Bald-headed Monster

Using his puffer fish nature, Wadatsumi inflate hugely his stomach with the intention of crushing his enemies. If it's necessary, he can even increase the size his your stomach even more. The downside is that in this state he can't allow air to escape, so he can barely open his mouth.