Attack Guide


Tilestone is one of the foremen of the Galley-La Company. To defend against enemy attacks or pirates that don't want to pay, Tilestone can use his incredible physical strength, or his woodworking tools. He also tends to use ship weapons such as cannons to attack.

Demi Cannon

Kanji: デミ・キャノン
Translation: Demi Cannon

Tilestone shoots a "Demi Cannon" destined for ships as a hand cannon. A "Demi Cannon" is a cannon that uses 32 pounds ammo, a "Full Cannons" uses 42 pounds ammo.


Ryuukotsu Ori

Kanji: 竜骨折り
Translation: Keel Crusher

Tilestone grabs a few enemies between his arms to crush them with a strong hug.


Senkan Hou

Kanji: 戦艦砲
Translation: Warship Cannon

Using the same cannon he used for "Demi Canon", Tilestone fires a more powerful blast.


Trunnel Lock

Kanji: 木釘(トレンネル)ロック
Translation: Trunnel Lock

A combined with Lulu. Tilestone uses his superhuman strength to manually nail some pegs on any surface while Lulu comes behind him fixing them with a hammer. "Trunnel" is the name of the wooden pegs they use.