Attack Guide


Tashigi is the Captain of the Marine G-5 and Smoker's right hand. Tashigi has a very marked appearance similar to the childhood friend of Zoro, Kuina, so when he fighting her, Zoro has difficulties to concentrate. Tashigi is an expert swordsman and a fan of swords, powerful enough even to be able to deflect cannonballs. Her sword is "Shigure", one of the Wazamono.

Besides that, Tashigi, like several Marines, is able to use some "Rokushiki" techniques. What's more, Tashigi is also able to use the ability know as "Ambition".


Kanji: 斬時雨
Translation: Autumn Rain Cut

Tashigi executes a fast Iai cut on her enemy. To have more effect on Akuma no Mi ability users, Tashigi can use "Ambition" on her attack.



Translation: Shave

Tashigi moves his legs so fast that he goes faster than what the human eye can follow. This is the same Rokushiki technique that the CP9 uses.