Attack Guide


Sugar has eaten Hobi Hobi no Mi, a fruit that gives her the dangerous ability to turn people into toys of all kinds. Once they have become toys, Sugar makes a "contract" with which she can make the toys to act at her will. Once turned into a toy, everyone forgots their existence.

Due this fruit, Sugar has stopped growing, giving her the appearance of a little girl. According to Trébol, her actual age is that of a much older woman.

Atamawari Ningyou

Kanji: 頭割り人形
Translation: Headcracker Doll


Little Black Bears

Kanji: 小熊玩具(リトルブラックベアーズ)
Translation: Little Black Bears

In one fluid motion with both hands, Sugar transform an army of dwarves into teddy bears. After closing the "contract", these are turn into an army at her command.