Attack Guide


Sentoumaru is the personal bodyguard of the iconic Dr. Vegapunk, and Kizaru's common assistant and responsible for giving orders to the Pacifistas. As such, he has several abilities to hit the Akuma no Mi users. Surprisingly, Sentoumaru doesn't have any Akuma no Mi abilities.

Sentoumaru boasts to have the best defense in the world, and it seems to be right, since so far has not been showany attack that can affect him.

Besides all this, Sentoumaru uses a huge axe as weapon.

Ashigara Dokkoi

Kanji: 足空独行(アシガラドッコイ)
Translation: Leg Lock Heave-Ho

Supposedly making use of the so called energy "Ambition", Sentoumaru launches a powerful shock wave with a sumo movement, able to push back an enemy attack, no mather how powerful it may be. This ability is capable of harming the Akuma no Mi users.