Attack Guide


Bikkuri Tama Tsuki

Kanji: びっくり玉突き
Translation: Surprise Sphere Pass

Satori kicks one of the "Bikkuri Tama" at the enemy. The sphere can also bounce off of other spheres without activating.



Kanji: 衝撃貝(インパクト)
Translation: Impact

Satori uses his Impact Dial to absorb a powerful blow such and releases it back at the source by striking the opponent. Unlike others Impact Dial, the one that Satori has seems to be able to store several attacks or be able to releases them repeatedly, since he use it without charging.



Kanji: 心綱(マントラ)
Translation: Mantra

A ability possessed by Enel and his Priests that allows them to sense people's presences nearby and read their thoughts, however it does take a good deal of concentration to keep active.


Tama Dragon

Kanji: 玉ドラゴン
Translation: Sphere Dragon

Satori connects several "Bikkuri Tama" into the shape of a dragon. The first sphere has a dragon mask on it, and the other spheres contain explosive and blades. One of the spheres is a fire sphere, and when activated will set of a massive chain reaction and cause a huge explosion. The dragon is controlled by a rope attached to the front orb and the end of Satori's cane.


Tama no Shiren

Kanji: 玉の試練
Translation: Ordeal of Spheres

Satori's Ordeal of Spheres, consists in several cloud spheres called "Bikkuri Tama". These spheres have diverse hidden surprises insede them, like explosives, that are activated when they touch an enemy.