Attack Guide


Sabo, Luffy's adoptive elder brother, is the Revolutionary Army's chief of staff, the second in command of the organization. Sabo is a great fighter, able to use the skill called "Ambition" and destroy entire sites with only his fists imbued with this technique.

After participating in the Corrida Colosseum, Sabo ate his late brother Ace's Mera Mera no Mi. Thanks to it, now besides having powerful attacks, his body is able to produce fire and totally transform into this element.


Kanji: 火拳
Translation: Fire Fist

In Ace's honor, Sabo copies the technique that made legendary his late brother. Sabo turns his arm into a giant fire fist that he throws against his enemies.


Hiken: Outebisha

Kanji: 火拳 王手飛車
Translation: Fire Fist: Forking King and Rook

Moeru Ryuusouken: Kaen Ryuu-ou

Kanji: 燃える竜爪拳 火炎竜王
Translation: Burning Dragon Claw Fist: Flame Dragon King

Ryuu no Kagidume

Kanji: 竜の鉤爪
Translation: Dragon Claw

Sabo puts his hand in position, as if it were a dragon claw, making a frontal blow covered with armaments kind Ambition.


Ryuusouken: Ryuu no Ibuki

Kanji: 竜爪拳 竜の息吹
Translation: Dragon Claw Fist: Dragon Breath

A devastating attack. Sabo covers both fists with armaments kind Ambition and places them on a surface. After that, Sabo begins to exert a powerful pressure that destroys his target without giving any blow. According to Sabo, this technique is based on finding the "core" of his target.