Attack Guide


Ryuma is a zombie created with the body of a legendary swordsman, capable of killing a dragon, and user of Brook's shadow. Thanks to the skills of the shadow, Ryuma is able to use all Brook's techniques, and also remembering his past, he can make them extremely powerful and dangerous techniques. In addition, Ryuma uses one of the Oo Wazamono: the Shuusui, a legendary sword.

Aubade Coup Droit

Kanji: 夜明歌(オーバード)・クー・ドロア
Translation: Aubade Right Handed Strike

According to Brook, an inherited attack from his shadow. Ryuma throws a sword slash at his opponent with the intention of cutting his neck, which, unlike Brook technique is capable of generating a shock wave capable of destroying a solid wall.


Gavotte Bond Avant

Kanji: 革命舞曲(ガボット)・ボンナバン
Translation: Gavotte Leap Forward

An attack inherited from Brook's shadow. Ryuma rush with "Shuusui" at his front with the intention of giving to the enemy a mortal thrust.


Hanauta Sanchou: Yahazu Giri

Kanji: 鼻唄三丁 矢筈斬り
Translation: Humming Three Blocks: Arrow Notch Cut

An inherited attack from Brook's shadow. Ryuma realizes a quick Iai cut on one or several enemies without apparent result. The cut doens't take place until the opponent walks three steps. He can usethis technique with the edge or the reverse of the sword, if he uses the edge it's a mortal cut. The pune is in the kanji "hazu" of "yahazu" , that separately means "expectation that something took place".


Polka Remise

Kanji: 酒樽舞曲(ポルカ)・ルミーズ
Translation: Polka Continuation

Running and dodging enemy attacks at the same time, Ryuma launched several thrusts to the enemy, which are recharged with Shuusui's energy. If these thrusts are repeled, they are still capable of destroying entire walls. The "Polka" is a popular dance from Bohemia region, in the Czech Republic.


Prelude Au Fer

Kanji: 前奏曲(プレリュード)・オフエル
Translation: Prelude Weapon Counter

Ryuma defends himself from enemy attacks by counter hitting consecutive the swords. The intention of this technique is to destroy the sword of his opponent through attrition and disarm him.