Attack Guide


Monster Burger

Kanji: モンスターバーガー
Translation: Monster Burger

The most powerful attack of the Groggy Monsters in that they use two steel bats, two swords and two giant pans (Hamburg, Pickles and Big Pan respectively). The three of them form a row. First Hamburg with his bats, then Pickles turning with the swords and finally, Big Pan striking his pans as cymbals. Then they run towards their opponents in row. We don't know the result of this technique, since Sanji and Zoro ruined their attack making Big Pan to squash Hamburg and Pickles stabbing the wotan.


Ningen Taihou

Kanji: 人間大砲
Translation: Human Cannon

A combined attack with big Pan. Pickles puts inside Big Pan's mouth, he spits out him with force and, finally, Pickles strikes to their opponent with a "Sling Tackle".


Osouji Tackle

Kanji: お掃除タックル
Translation: Clean Up Tackle

When his opponent goes running, Pickles intercepts him striking him strongly with the protection of his shoulder.


Size Attack: S-M-L

Kanji: サイズアタック S-M-L
Translation: Size Attack: S-M-L

A combined attack of the Groggy Monster to leave they enemy ballman K.O. When this one is on the air, Hamburg jumps and strikes him against the ground, Pickles elevates him with a strong blow and Big Bread strikes him with a dunk. The attack this based on the statures of the Groggy Monster, being Hamburg a "Small" size, Pickles "Medium" size and Big Pan a "Large" size.


Sling Tackle

Kanji: 投石器(スリング)タックル
Translation: Sling Tackle

Pickles charges at full speed against his opponent with the protection of its shoulder ahead.


Spinning Tackle

Kanji: スピニングタックル
Translation: Spinning Tackle

Pickles begins to turn over himself at great speed and strikes the opponent while he turns. Pickles can also use this attack with his thorn shoulders.