Attack Guide


Pauly is one of the foremen of Galley-La Company. In addition to his shipwrighting skills, Pauly defends using ropes to tie up an opponent, or to choke them. These ropes also serve him to hold his friends and save them from falling.

The names of Pauly's attacks are based on various knot names.

Air Drive

Kanji: エア・ドライブ
Translation: Air Drive

After catching an enemy with "Half Knot", he sends him flying and throwing him against the ground.


Bowline Knot

Kanji: ボーラインノット
Translation: Bowline Knot

Pauly throws a rope that catches an opponent from the arm.


Figure of Eight Knot

Kanji: フィギュア・オブ・エイト・ノット
Translation: Figure of Eight Knot

Pauly whips a group of enemies with eight roped that ended in a solid knot.


Half Knot

Kanji: ハーフノット
Translation: Half Knot

Pauly catches an enemy from the neck with his rope and tenses it to drown him.


Oshioki: Ippon Tsuri

Kanji: オシオキ 一本釣り
Translation: Punishment: Pole Fishing

After catching the enemy with "Bowline Knot", Pauly sends him flying and makes him land with his head hitting the ground.


Pipe Hitch Knives

Kanji: パイプ・ヒッチ・ナイブス
Translation: Pipe Hitch Knives

Pauly throws a rope with many knives tied to it towards his opponent.


Round Turn

Kanji: ラウンド・ターン
Translation: Round Turn

Releasing a rope from each sleeve and catching two enemies using circular turns with them, Pauly makes them hit each other.


Shrouds and Ratline Knot

Kanji: シュラウズ・アンド・ラットリン・ノット
Translation: Shrouds and Ratline Knot

Pauly releases a maze of ropes like a net that covers a numerous group of enemies immobilizing them. A "ratline" is an end that holds the rope stairs from the ships to raise to the sails, the "shrouds" are the ends that reinforce the union to the mast and other surfaces.


Timber Hitch Tag

Kanji: ティンバー・ヒッチ・タグ
Translation: Timber Hitch Tag

Pauly jumps over his opponent, catching him with the ropes in the process for once behind him, throw from those ropes and make him fall.


Top Knot

Kanji: 独楽結び(タップ・ノット)
Translation: Top Knot

Pauly surrounds an opponent with a rope to stop his movements, throwing from the rope will make him turn like a top disorienting him. There is a pun with the "top" with "knot" meaning and with his "toy" meaning.