Attack Guide

Mr. 5

Mr. 5 is one of the Baroque Works Frontier Agents. Mr. 5 has eaten the Bomu Bomu no Mi, which lets him to create explosions from his body, which, makes him also completely immune to explosions. To attack, Mr. 5 uses various parts of your his body such as breath and his limbs. Even to be more effective despite being very nasty, Mr. 5 takes out his own bogey to turn them into small powerful bombs.

His attacks are all in English, despite one that has a pun in Japanese.

Breeze Breath Bomb

Kanji: そよ風息爆弾(ブリーズ・ブレス・ボム)
Translation: Breeze Breath Bomb

Mr. 5 blows into the chambers of a revolver pistol and then fires the bits of breath that get trapped in the bullet chambers as invisible exploding bullets. Interesting bit of trivia; the gun he uses for this attack is a Flintlock .44 caliber, 6 shot revolver, a new model from the South Blue complete with rapid-fire capabilities.


Kick Bomb

Kanji: 足爆(キッキーボム)
Translation: Kick Bomb

Mr. 5 realizes a kick that explodes when it makes contact with something. In case of using this attack against a moving target, the inertia added to the explosion causes the target to fly over him, allowing Mr. 5 to stop and to immobilize an enemy who charges against him.


Nose Fancy Cannon

Kanji: 鼻空想砲(ノーズファンシーキャノン)
Translation: Nose Fancy Cannon

Gross, but effective. Mr. 5 digs a booger out of his nose and flicks it at the opponent. The booger explodes on contact and creates a surprisingly large blast. Even though the attack’s name is said in English, there’s still a hidden pun here; the Japanese term for "Nose fancy" (hanakuso) is similar to the word for "Nose Crap" (hanakuusou) i.e. boogers, so with a little imagination one might be able to read this attack's name as "Booger Cannon".


Nose Fancy Double Cannon

Kanji: 鼻空想ニ連砲(ノーズファンシーダブルキャノン)
Translation: Nose Fancy Double Cannon

The same thing as Nose Fancy Cannon only he flicks boogers with both hands at the same time.


Zenshin Kibaku

Kanji: 全身起爆
Translation: Full Body Exploding

Mr. 5 hugs tightly to his opponent and then detonates his entire body at once. In his own words, this technique is so destructive it does not even leave any of his opponent's bones behind. However, Mr. 5 did not have the chance to actually use this move as Zoro was able to defeat him before he could kill Usopp.