Attack Guide

Mr. 4

Unlike other Baroque Works agents, and as Miss Golden Week, Mr. 4 hasn't eaten any Akuma no Mi. However, Mr. 4 is strong enough, even more powerful than Mr. 3, Crocodile only gave him a lower degree because Mr. 3 was smarter than him.

Despite having no Akuma no Mi, Mr. 4 based his attacks on a huge, powerful baseball bat, made of steel, with which he beats his opponents with it, or sends a powerful bomb in a baseball ball (which is sent by Lasso), which operates at a certain interval of time. This interval is defined by Mr. 4's female agent, Miss Merry Chrismas.

Mogurazuka Yonban Kousaten

Kanji: モグラ塚4番交差点
Translation: Molehill Intersection Number 4

A combo attack with Miss Merry Christmas, first Miss Merry Christmas uses her Mogurazuka Highway technique and carries the opponent past Mr. 4 who, upon hearing her call out the attack, smacks the captive with his 4-ton bat causing massive damage to anyone unlucky enough to be the victim of this attack.


Yonhyabban Punk Knock

Kanji: 四百本猛打ノック
Translation: 400 Punk Knock

This attack's not officially named by him, but by his partner Miss Merry Christmas. He has Lasso shoot a huge group of his exploding baseballs then Mr. 4 hits a few of them back into the cluster detonating them all at once and creating a massive explosion.