Attack Guide

Mr. 3

Mr. 3 has eaten the Doru Doru no Mi, which lets him turn his body into wax and produce it at his will. This wax is as strong as steel, but like normal wax is susceptible to heat and fire. With this wax he can take create weapons, structures, and to protect himself from all kinds of attacks, except fire.

Mr. 3 is also famous for plotting his plans thoroughly and use others to achieve his goals, so he can be considered a great strategist.

Candle Champion

Kanji: キャンドル・チャンピオン
Translation: Candle Champion

Mr. 3 encases himself in a mecha-like battle suit with boxing glove fists make out of his Doru Doru wax. Before he fights however he has Miss Golden Week give his suit a coat of paint so that doesn't look like a big white action figure.


Candle Coating

Kanji: キャンダル・コーティング
Translation: Candle Coating

Mr. 3 covers a surface with wax, no matter what type it is. This technique is used to slow the progression of the Magellan's poison. He has only used it in the anime.


Candle Jacket

Kanji: キャンドルジャケット
Translation: Candle Jacket

Mr. 3 embeds his opponent in a pool of wax with wax strips across their body to help hold them better.


Candle Lock

Kanji: キャンドルロック
Translation: Candle Lock

Mr. 3 attaches wax handcuffs in the shape of a candle to an opponent to prevent him or her from moving.


Candle Ship

Kanji: キャンダル・シップ
Translation: Candle Ship

Mr. 3 makes a ship out of Doru Doru wax for emergency ocean travel.


Candle Wall

Kanji: キャンドル壁(ウォール)
Translation: Candle Wall

Mr. 3 forms a wax wall in front of him to block incoming attacks.


Champ Fight: Oraga Hatake

Kanji: チャンプ・ファイト おらが畑
Translation: Champ Fight: Plowing the Field

Once adorned in his Candle Champion, Mr. 3 spins its fist around to smash anything and everything in front of him.


Doru Doru Arts: Ken

Kanji: ドルドル彫刻(アーツ) 剣
Translation: Doru Doru Arts: Sword

Mr.3 transforms one of his arms into a large sword made of wax. Only in the Manga, in the anime was replaced with the "Doru Doru Arts: Tekase".


Doru Doru Arts: Mori

Kanji: ドルドル彫刻(アーツ) 銛
Translation: Doru Doru Arts: Harpoon

Mr. 3 send out a stream of wax that takes the shape of a harpoon.


Doru Doru Arts: Tekase

Kanji: ドルドル彫刻(アーツ) 手錠
Translation: Doru Doru Arts: Handcuffs

Mr. 3 fires two wax staples at the target's wrists to pin their hands down, then follows up by covering their hands and feet in wax to completely lock them in place, and for the final touch the stabs a wax stake through each limb to eradicate all possibilities of escape.


Doru Doru Ball

Kanji: ドルドル・ボール
Translation: Doru Doru Ball

Mr. 3 encases himself in a ball of his Doru Doru wax to protect himself.


Doru Doru Ball Kacha

Kanji: ドルドル・ボール カッチャー
Translation: Doru Doru Ball Break

Mr. 3 cracks open his Doru Doru Ball like an eggshell once he is safe from harm.


Doru Doru Candle Armor

Kanji: ドルドルキャンドルアーマー
Translation: Doru Doru Candle Armor

Using his Doru Doru skills, Mr. 3 launches powerful wax field that covers Luffy creating gloves and boots of his "Candle Champion" attack. This attack was used only in the anime. In the manga, Mr. 3 simply given him them without any additional cutscene.


Doru Doru Kaijo

Kanji: ドルドル解除
Translation: Doru Doru Cancel

With this technique, Mr. 3 releases someone from the "Doru Doru" effect.


Doru Doru no Yakata

Kanji: ドルドルの館
Translation: Doru Doru Mansion

Mr. 3 creates several copies of himself and Miss Golden Week paints them so that they look exactly like an army of Mr. 3s. The idea is to confuse the opponent into attacking the clones so that the real Mr. 3 can stab the opponent from behind while they are distracted, Miss Golden Week meanwhile sneaks off to avoid harm.


Tokudai Candle Service Set

Kanji: 特大キャンドル・サービスセット
Translation: Extra-large Candle Service Set

Mr. 3's most clever and most evil trap of all. He creates a giant candle topped with a spinning jack-o-lantern head and a ring of smaller candles. Then he embeds his victims' legs in the candles base and makes the jack-o-lantern spin around and release a snow of tiny wax flakes from the candles on top. These flakes accumulate on the victims and eventually entomb them inside wax figures of themselves. The faster the jack-o-lantern spins the more wax-snow falls.


Tokudai Service Candle Wall

Kanji: 特大サービス・キャンドル壁(ウォール)
Translation: Especial Size Service Candle Wall

It's the same technique as "Candle Wall", only that it's much larger, ideal for giant enemies. Mr.3 also adds to this technique some spikes on the wall so that in addition to his defense it can be an offensive technique.