Attack Guide

Mr. 2 - Bon Kure

Mr. 2 Bon Kure is one of the Baroque Works agents. He is the only with no female teammate, since he is his own one. Bon Kure base his attacks on the art known as "Okama Kempo" (transvestites martial art) a strange martial art based on various disciplines and Okama (transvestite) movements, which combined with the strength of Bon Kure, are devastating. In the anime, this fighting style was called "Ballet Kempo" since Bon Kure's attacks are very similar to ballet.

Besides all this, Bon Kure has eaten the Mane Mane no Mi, which lets him copy other people's bodies just by touching them with his hand. To do this, Bon Kure uses his right hand to become the people he copied, and his left hand to undo the effect. Bon Kure can combine the appearance of several people. This ability is used to confuse his opponents in a fight, or to go unnoticed between a group of people.

Bombardier Arabesque

Kanji: 爆撃白鳥(ボンバルディエ)アラベスク
Translation: Bombardier Arabesque

A jumping version of Bon Kure's "Okama Kenpo: Bombardier"; looks like a rapid-fire flying sidekick.


Douzo Okamai Knuckle

Kanji: どうぞオカマい拳(ナックル)
Translation: Kindly Hospitable Knuckle

Bon Kure throws a punch at his opponent; if the punch is dodged he spins around slightly and hooks his hand around his opponent's head to strike them from behind.


Keri Pointe

Kanji: 蹴爪先(ケリポアント)
Translation: Kick Point

Bon Kure jumps into the air, plants both feet on his opponent's face, and smashes their head into the ground.


Mane Mane Memory

Kanji: マネマネメモリー
Translation: Copy Copy Memory

Bon Kure uses his Mane Mane no Mi powers to transform into a perfect copy of anyone he's ever touched. He activates his powers by touching his face with his right hand and returns to normal by touching it with his left hand.


Mane Mane Montage

Kanji: マネマネ合成顔(モンタージュ)
Translation: Copy Copy Montage

A variation of Bon Kure's "Mane Mane Memory". Bon Kure uses his Mane Mane no Mi powers to time mix and match parts from various people. For example, he could give himself a new face comprised of the funniest eyes, nose, mouth, and hair that he's ever seen to send his opponent into a laughing fit (the only problem with that however is that 90% of those parts are those of Bon Kure himself).


Mascara Boomerang

Kanji: マスカラブーメラン
Translation: Mascara Boomerang

Bon Kure peels off the pointy makeup under his eyes and flings them at the opponent. While small, they are razor sharp and, like any good boomerang, will always return to Bon Kure.


Ohikae na Fouetté

Kanji: お控え・ナ・鞭打(フエッテ)
Translation: Reserve Fouetté


Okama Chop

Kanji: オカマチョップ
Translation: Transvestite Chop

Bon Kure karate chops his opponent; the chop is usually aimed at his foe’s head or eyes.


Okama Dash

Kanji: オカマデャーッシュ
Translation: Transvestite Dash

Bon Kure's traveling technique, he alternates between running by tapping his toes on the ground and long ballet jumps. Since Bon Kure his very long legs he can cross long distances quickly with this technique.


Okama Kenpo: Ano Fuyu no Sora no Memoir

Kanji: オカマ拳 あの冬の空の回想録(メモワール)
Translation: Transvestite Martial Arts: Memoir of that Winter Sky

After using his "Ballet Kenpo Prima", Bon Kure leaps high into the air and starts flipping over rapidly to gain speed, and then as he lands he launches a massive kick with one of his swans.


Okama Kenpo: Ano Natsu no Hi no Memoir

Kanji: オカマ拳 あの夏の日の回想録(メモワール)
Translation: Transvestite Martial Arts: Memoir of that Summer Day

Bon Kure spins around rapidly for a bit, and then uses that momentum to unleash a kick he calls his "Grand Fouetté". "Fouetté" literally means "to whip" and refers to a ballet move where the dancer stands on one leg and instantly changes their hip and torso direction with a whiplike sharpness while maintaining their leg direction/position.


Okama Kenpo: Bombardier

Kanji: オカマ拳 爆撃白鳥(ボンバルディエ)
Translation: Transvestite Martial Arts: Bombardier

After using his "Okama Kenpo Prima", Bon Kure delivers a barrage of rapid-fire kicks then one huge jump kick.


Okama Kenpo: Chi To Ase to Namida no Relevé

Kanji: オカマ拳 血と汗と涙のルルヴェ
Translation: Transvestite Martial Arts: Blood Tear Relevé

Bon Kure runs using only the tips of his toes allowing him to scale difficult slopes and cliffs with ease. "Relevé" is a ballet stance where the dancer balances on the balls of their feet or the tips of their toes.


Okama Kenpo: Hakuchou Arabesque

Kanji: オカマ拳 白鳥アラベスク
Translation: Transvestite Martial Arts: Swan Arabesque

Bon Kure raises his back leg high in the air to deliver a high kick or block an incoming attack. "Arabesque" literally means "in Arabic fashion" and refers to a ballet stance where the dancer stands on one leg and extends the other leg behind them, either raised or touching the ground.


Okama Kenpo: Prima

Kanji: オカマ拳 主役技(プリマ)
Translation: Transvestite Martial Arts: Prima

Bon Kure removes the two swan heads he wears on his back and places one on the end of each foot. These not only increase his attack range, but give his kicks a sharp point thanks to the metal bill of each swan. Bon Kure claims that the swan on his right foot is female and the one on his left foot is male, also a "prima" is the lead dancer in a ballet.


Swan du Pied

Kanji: スウォン・ダー・パイド
Translation: Swan Foot

Bon Kure bents his knees and jumps up for a quick kick. This attack’s name is a pun of a ballet move called a "Plié" which is basically a bent leg stance.


Un! Deux! Trois!

Kanji: アン!ドゥ!トロワ!
Translation: One! Two! Three!

Bon Kure tends to chant numbers in French during his kicks as though they were ballet steps. "Un!" And "Deux!" are usually smaller kicks and work to set up for a stronger/finisher kick with "Trois!". On occasion Bon Kure will replace the word "Trois" with either the word "Kura" or "Oraa" depending on the type of kick he throws, "Kura" usually is for sweeping moves and his thought to be a Romanization of the English word "claw", while "Oraa" usually accompanies hooking kicks.