Attack Guide


Monet's body has been modified by Law, giving her bird legs and wings, taking this way the appearance of an harpy. While fliying, she's able to use a pair of ice pickers as swords, holding them with her legs.

Monet is also an ability user. She has eaten the "Yuki Yuki no Mi", a Logia fruit, which allows her to become snow and create snow around her. She has earned this way the nickname of Yuki Onna. This snow is very robust, and allows her to create walls as hard as steel, either for defense or to lock her opponent. She can also become a snow harpy and attack her opponents.


Kanji: 雪嵐
Translation: Blizzard

Monet throws a powerful blow, capable of generating a huge snowstorm.



Kanji: カマクラ
Translation: Snow Hut

Monet covers herself (or someone else) with a huge wall of snow. This snow is as strong as steel, but one or more powerful enough blows are capable of destroying it.


Kamakura Jussoushi

Kanji: カマクラ十草紙
Translation: Ten Story Snow Hut

An advanced version of the "Kamakura" technique. This time, Monet created 10 layers of snow to lock someone inside them.


Mannen Yuki

Kanji: 万年雪
Translation: Perpetual Snow

Monet becomes dissolved into snow in the ground, this way he can approach his enemy by surprise and immobilize him from the legs. At the same time, she takes the form of a huge and monstrous harpy. With this appearance, Monet tries to bite her immobilized opponent.


Tabira Yuki: Hadagatana

Kanji: たびら雪 肌刀
Translation: Broad Snow: Skin Sword

Monet cools her wings plumage, causing it to freeze and become as sharp as a sword. These feathers are strong enough to challenge the edge of a sword.


Yuki Rabbit

Kanji: 雪兎(ゆきラビ)
Translation: Snow Rabbit

Monet launches her feathers against an opponent, which get covered with snow and forming a rabbit figure capable of biting her opponent.



Kanji: 雪垣
Translation: Snow Fence

With her ability to control the snow, Monet raises a big and solid snow wall that can block the access from a door.