Attack Guide

Miss Merry Christmas

Miss Merry Christmas has eaten the Mogu Mogu no Mi, which lets her become a mole, and a woman-mole. The claws that she acquires with this ability are very powerful, capable of destroying sand, stone and solid granite. To attack, Miss Merry Christmas usually hides under the earth, this way, she moves faster, and attacks from under the earth his adversaries. She also combines her techniques along with Mr. 4 and Lasso.

Mogu Mogu Impact

Kanji: モグモグ玉砕(インパクト)
Translation: Mole Mole Impact

After using the "Mogurazuka Highway" technique, Miss Merry Christmas tunnels under large objects like walls and buildings causing her captive to be smashed into whatever she tunnels under.


Mogura Banana

Kanji: 土竜 平手撃ち(バナナ)
Translation: Mole Banana

Miss Merry Christmas bursts from the ground and slashes her opponent with her banana-sized mole claws.


Mogura Tonpou: Mogugyo

Kanji: 土竜遁法 土竜魚
Translation: Mole Digging Technique: Mole-Fish

Miss Merry Christmas' standard technique from digging through the earth. She can tunnel through the earth so easily that it's like a fish swimming through water.


Mogurazuka Highway

Kanji: モグラ塚ハイウェイ
Translation: Molehill Highway

Miss Merry Christmas reaches up from underground and gabs hold of her opponent's feet. She can then tunnel just under the surface of the ground and drag her captive anywhere she wants.


Mogurazuka Yonban Kousaten

Translation: Molehill Intersection Number 4

A combo attack with Mr. 4, first Miss Merry Christmas uses her Mogurazuka Highway technique and carries the opponent past Mr. 4 who, upon hearing her call out the attack, smacks the captive with his 4-ton bat causing massive damage to anyone unlucky enough to be the victim of this attack.