Attack Guide


As the wander of Impel Down, Magellan is the most powerful person in the prison, since his duty is to guard the prisoners. Magellan has eaten the Doku Doku no Mi, a fruit that allows you to develop and produce a powerful poison capable of killing many people, or even destroy a whole place.

Depending on the amount of poison is administered, there will be a cure for poisoning. With little poison there is an antidote. With a lot of poison, the only known cure is the hormones of Ivankov's Horu Horu no Mi. The Kinjite (the most powerful poison) has no existing cure.

Due to the nature of his fruit, Magellan's weakness is having to spend 4 hours a daly in the bathroom.

Chloro Ball

Kanji: 毒ガス弾(クロロボール)
Translation: Chloro Ball

As if it was a bubble gum, Magellan prepares a strong chlorine pump, who at being throwed on a selected area, it creates a strong tear gas that blinds and makes sneeze opponent and prisoners.


Doku Fugu

Kanji: 毒フグ
Translation: Poison Pufferfish

Magellan takes a deep breath and focuses a powerful poison that area at the touch of a seizure or adversary, is divided and poisoned him instantly.


Doku Gumo

Kanji: 毒・雲
Translation: Poison Cloud

When he exhale air, Magellan generates a huge cloud of poison that is capable of instantly blinding an opponent, or poison the people who are around him.



Kanji: 毒竜(ヒドラ)
Translation: Hydra

The common way to punish a prisoner. Magellan covers his body with poison and forms the figure of a Hydra, extremely fast, which in contact with a prisoner was this one is poisoned withnout repair. According to Magellan, the victim after receiving this attack, will have only 24 hours remaining of life. A hydra is a Greek mythological creature with three heads, the acording to the legend of Hercules, when you cut one, three more grew in its place.


Venom Demon

Kanji: 毒の巨兵(ベノムデーモン)
Translation: Venom Demon

Magellan's most powerful attack we have seen. Using a lot of Kinjite, Magellan calls for a huge demon to cover with venom more potential adversaries. Once touched with the poison, the victim dies instantly. It's Magellan's most powerful form of poison, there's anyone that can survive after touching it, it spreads even among those affected, resulting in an impending epidemic. According to Magellan, this poison must be used carefully, because if it's not applied correctly, it can destroy Impel Down.


Venom Demon: Jigoku no Shinban

Kanji: 毒の巨兵(ベノムデーモン) 地獄の審判
Translation: Venom Demon: Condemned to Hell

After summoning "Venom Demon", Magellan launches a series of powerful blows to catch his enemies. Since Magellan is inside, he can control the moves of this "Demon".


Venon Road

Kanji: 毒の道(ベノムロード)
Translation: Venon Road

Using the "Hydra" attack, Magellan stop the course of this, and using the path created by this attack, he is transported to get faster towards an opponent.