Attack Guide


Kuroobi is a gyojin of the ray race. He is a "Gyojin Karate" leven 40 master, a martial art used to enhance the special characteristics of this race and their superior force to the human one, he can use it even under water.

Appakushi Chokka Kouro

Kanji: 圧迫死直下航路
Translation: Death by Pressure Plunge

An underwater attack, Kuroobi grabs is opponent in a bear hug, then quickly dives down into the ocean hoping to use the rapid pressure change to crush his opponent's body like a grape.


Hyaku Mai Gawara Sei Ken

Kanji: 百枚瓦正拳
Translation: Hundred Tile True Punch

Kuroobi's standard "Gyojin Karate" punch. kuroobi claims that this attack is so strong that it can break through 100 tiles.


Itomaki Kumite

Kanji: イトマキ組手
Translation: Manta Ray Sparring

Kuroobi wraps his pony-tail around the opponent's waist to prevent them for escaping. The word "Itomaki" means "Manta Ray" but it can also mean "spool of thread" which is what his opponent looks like when they’re caught by this attack.


Joudan Bakushou

Kanji: 上段爆掌
Translation: Honorable Explosion

Kuroobi smashes the opponent's face in with a strong palm strike.


Kachiage Haisoku

Kanji: カチ上げ背足
Translation: Rising Thrust Kick

After sending his opponent flying Kuroobi gets in their path and kicks


Kaisoku: Harakudashigeri

Kanji: 海速 腹下し蹴り
Translation: Sea-Speed: Stomach Drop Kick

An underwater attack, Kuroobi darts forward and uses that momentum to deliver a savage side kick to the opponent's stomach. This attack's name is a major pun, the word "Kaisoku" with different Kanji can mean "high speed", the term "Harakudashi" meaning "drop of the stomach" is also the word for "laxative", and finally the word "Geri" is one of many ways of writing "kick", however this version cam also mean "diarrhea". Put them all together and you get "High speed, laxative induced diarrhea".


Kaka Kakato Otoshi

Kanji: 火華カカト落とし
Translation: Fire Flower Heel Drop

Kuroobi goes into a vertical spin and brings his heel down right on the opponent's head.


Kyuukyoku Sei Ken: Sen Mai Gawara Sei Ken

Kanji: 究極正拳 千枚瓦正拳
Translation: Ultimate Punch: Thousand Tile True Punch

A much stronger version of the Hyaku Mai Gawara Sei Ken, Kuroobi claims that this move is the "true essence of Gyojin Karate", can break through 1000 tiles, and kill a human with one shot. Sadly we never get to see if he’s telling the truth.


Wantou Giri

Kanji: 腕刀斬り
Translation: Arm Slash

Kuroobi smacks the opponent with the hard fins on his arms.