Attack Guide


Kuro lacks of variety of special attacks, his battle style is based on the physical attacks using his "cat claws", some gloves with swords in the ends of the fingers. His strong point resides in his cat-like agility and speed, able to catch anyone by surprise and to kill him before he finds what has really happened. When he is in difficulties or he gets upset he is able to go completely berserk and to turn the fight into a slaughter. Aside from his battle style, the most frightful thing of Kuro is his meticulous plans, which he takes to the end at any costs.

Nuki Ashi

Kanji: 抜き足
Translation: Stealth Foot

Captain Kuro makes several quick foot movements which allow him to move so fast he appears to teleport.



Kanji: 杓死
Translation: Death Scoop

Captain Kuro lets his body go limp and sways back and forth to enter a type of trance. Once entranced he vanishes in a puff of purple smoke and starts moving so fast he becomes completely invisible. While "invisible" he attacks randomly slashing up anything and anyone nearby, even his own comrades. The only real way to tell wear he is at any given time during this attack is to look for the slashes of purple smoke that appear when he strikes, but by then it's already too late. The name of the attack is bamboo scoop but using the kanji for death.