Attack Guide



Kanji: ドロン
Translation: Doron

Kinemon can transform any natural object, such as a leaf or a stone, into another thing. In this case, Kinemon makes everyone around him you put a stone on their heads and "magically" transforms it into coats. According to Kinemon, this clothes are not permanent and disappears when you undress. "Doron" is an onomatopoeia for a magical appearance.



Kanji: 焔裂き
Translation: Flame Split

A Ittouryuu technique, Iai attack. Using his "Kitsunebiryuu" (an style that acording to him burns and cuts with flames), Kinemon opens a free way launching with a cutslash trought an explosion or fire.


Karyuu Issen

Kanji: 火柳一閃
Translation: Flaming Flash

A combined technique with Brook. While Brook uses his "Gavotte Bond Avant" Kinemon launches powerful thrust, capable of burning his enemies. The double cut combines heat and cold at the same time, making it a very effective technique.


Kin-chan Gofukuten

Kanji: 錦ちゃん呉服店
Translation: Kin-chan's Cloth Store

Tougen Totsuka

Kanji: 桃源十拳
Translation: Paradise Ten Handbreadths