Attack Guide


As a member of the CP9, Kaku is able to use the martial art known as "Rokushiki". To practice the Rokushiki, it takes large amounts of both talent and effort in order to master, those who can get called "supermen" and have no rival.

Besides all this, Kaku has eaten the Ushi Ushi no Mi giraffe model, which allows him to turn into a giraffe and giraffe man at will. With this ability, Kaku potentiates the Rokushiki capabilities, especially the "Rankyaku" thanks to his long limbs and neck.


Kanji: 鼻銃
Translation: Nose Gun

A technique where Kaku uses "Shigan" with his nose in his giraffe-man form.



Kanji: 逆鱗
Translation: Imperial Wrath

Kaku launch a rain of attack with four swords in his giraffe-man form after stretching his limbs. As "Henchikirin" and "Mouchikirin" there is a pun in "Kirin" (Giraffe).



Kanji: 月歩
Translation: Moon Walk

One of the six Rokushiki techniques. Trowing kick to the air Kaku can impulse him higher as he could fly.



Kanji: 鞭竹林
Translation: Bamboo Forest Whip

In his giraffe-man form, Kaku moves his neck as a whip, this way he looks like a hydra. The pun is in the word "Kirin" (Giraffe).



Kanji: 鎌麒麟
Translation: Giraffe-Mantis

In his giraffe-man form, Kaku attack with his nose to the opponent weak point.



Kanji: 紙絵
Translation: Paper Drawing

One of the six Rokushiki techniques. This technique makes his body lighter (as a paper) and allows him to avoid all attack with easily.


Kirin Houdai, Kyoku Bigan, Kilimanjaro

Kanji: キリン砲台 極・鼻銃 麒麟マン射櫓
Translation: Giraffe Cannon, Extreme Nose Gun, Kilimanjaro

In his giraffe-man form, Kaku stands in four legs, he retract his neck like an accordion and finally he launch an high speed "Bigan", looks like his head is a cannon ball being shot from his body. Kilimanjaro is a pun with "Kirin-man" (giraffe-man).



Kanji: 猛竹林
Translation: Fierce Bamboo Forest

After using "Henchikirin", Kaku executes various attack with his nose to the opponent. As with "Henchikirin", there is a pun in the word "Kirin" (Giraffe).


Pasta Machine

Kanji: パスタマシン
Translation: Pasta Machine

Kaku retracts so much his neck that his limbs stretched. According to Kaku, his body works as a flour mass that is being crushed in a noodle machine.



Kanji: 嵐脚
Translation: Storm Leg

One of the six Rokushiki techniques. In this offensive technique they can raise a sharp wind beam kicking to the air.


Rankyaku: Amanedachi

Kanji: 嵐脚 周断
Translation: Storm Leg: Periphery Cut

Kaku uses this attack in his giraffe-man form. He stands in one of his front legs, he start to spinning over it until he gets high speed, then he throws a circular "Rankyaku" around him. This attack cut the Judiciary Tower by half.


Rankyaku: Hakurai

Kanji: 嵐脚 白雷
Translation: Storm Leg: White Thunder

Kaku thows two crossed kick making the beam more powerfull.


Rankyaku: Kiri Shigure

Kanji: 嵐脚 麒麟時雨
Translation: Storm Leg: Giraffe Autumn Rain

After using "Mushikaku", Kaku uses repeatedly "Rankyaku" With all his legs to the ceiling that rebound and fall like a cutting rain.


Rankyaku: Neji Hakujin

Kanji: 嵐脚 ネジ白刃
Translation: Storm Leg: Spiral Sword Draw

Kaku uses "Rankyaku" with both legs at the same time while he turns over himself.


Rankyaku: Ran

Kanji: 嵐脚 乱
Translation: Storm Leg: Chaos

Kaku throws a lot of kick creating cutting beams in all directions.


Rankyaku: Roudan

Kanji: 嵐脚 龍断
Translation: Storm Leg: Dragon Judge

Kaku jumps and uses "Rankyaku" with both legs at the same time being able to repel any cutting attack.


Rankyaku: Sen

Kanji: 嵐脚 線
Translation: Storm Leg: Line

Kaku makes the air cut of his Rankyaku in a straight line towards instead of a curve.


Rankyaku: Shuriken

Kanji: 嵐脚 龍断
Translation: Rankyaku: Shuriken

Kaku throws many Shuriken-shaped "Rankyaku" attack to his opponent.



Kanji: 指銃
Translation: Finger Gun

One of the six Rokushiki techniques. With this technique he makes his finger harder and moves it at such speed that manages to penetrate the human flesh, like the impact of a bullet.



Translation: Shave

One of the six Rokushiki techniques. Kaku moves his legs so fast that he goes faster than what the human eye can follow.



Kanji: 鉄塊
Translation: Iron Mass

One of the six Rokushiki techniques. This is a defensive technique in which his body becomes hardens until imitating the hardness of the iron. A blow with enough strengh is able "to break through" the Tekkai, damaging the user. Another weak point is that although it hardens the body, Kaku still is vulnerable to elements (as fire).


Tekkai: Mushikaku

Kanji: 鉄塊 無死角
Translation: Iron Mass: No Weak Spots

In his hybrid form, Kaku takes a cube shape to hide his weak spot. The pun here is in "shikaku", which means "square".