Attack Guide


Hyouzou is a poisonous blue-ringed octopus ningyo. He holds the "Assassin" position in the New Gyojin Pirates. Hyouzou fights using multiple swords techniques, being the best swordsman in all Gyojin Island.

He uses a technique based on the "drunken style", as Hyouzou is drinking sake all the time, which leads him to attack enemies and allies.

Hyouzou, as the other New Gyojin Pirates, makes use of the "Energy Steroids" that increase his speed and strength, which, mixed with the sake multiply the effects.

Chidori Ashi Hash

Kanji: 千鳥足ハッシュ
Translation: Drunken Staggering Hash

Randomly moving his tentacles in all directions, Hyouzou attacks with his swords a whole group of opponents, whether enemies or allies. The kanji for this attack separately mean "Thousand Bird Legs Hash". "Hash" here could also take the double meaning of the drug.