Attack Guide


Hatchan is a gyojin of the octopus race. He used his six arms to use the Rokutouyyuu (six sword style). As an octopus, he can also use his suction cups and ink during the combat.

Most of his attacks are a play between his nickname "Hachi" and the number 8 (in Japanese it is also Hachi), reason why we can take several interpretations in the translations.

Rokutou no Waltz

Kanji: 六刀の円舞曲(ワルツ)
Translation: Six Sword Waltz

After sending his opponent flying, Hatchan stands where they're going to land and spins his swords over his head like a ceiling fan. Anything that touches these swords is instantly sliced into pieces.


Shikai Zero, Tako Hachi Black

Kanji: 視界ゼロ たこはちブラック
Translation: Zero Visibility, Octopus 8 Black

Hatchan blinds his opponent by spraying them with ink.


Tako Ashi Kiken

Kanji: 蛸足奇剣
Translation: Octopus Foot Miracle Swords

Hatchan charges his opponent and slices wildly at them with all six of his swords. Although the kanji "kiken" means "Miracle Swords", a different spelling of "kiken" can mean "danger" and the term "octopus foot danger" is an expression for putting to many extensions into a single electrical outlet.


Tako Hachi Black on the Rock

Kanji: たこはちブラック オン・ザ・ロック
Translation: Octopus 8 Black on the Rock

After blinding his opponent with his Tako-Hachi Black attack, Hatchan grabs a big rock and smashes it on top of his opponent. The "on the rock" is a play between real rocks and the ice of a cocktail, in this case the enemy is the recipent.


Tako San Ren Shin Ken Shira Ha Dori

Kanji: 蛸三連心剣白刃取り
Translation: Octopus Catching the Blade with Bare Hands Special Move

Hatchan attempts to catch an incoming sword as it slashes like in Samurai movies. One would think that with three sets of hands Hatchan'd have a pretty good chance of succeeding, but he often fails and ends up getting hit by the very attack he was trying to stop.


Tako-Hachi Number Nine

Kanji: タコハチ吸盤(ナンバーナイン)
Translation: Octopus 8 Number 9

A defensive technique Hatchan jumps out of the way of an enemy attack and uses the suction cups on his arms to cling to a nearby surface and stay out of harm’s way. The pun here is that the Japanese word "kyuuban" meaning "number 9" can also mean "suction cups".


Takotsubo no Kamae: Shin Shun, Tako Age, Taikai

Kanji: タコツボの構え 新春 蛸開げ 体壊
Translation: Octopus Pot Stance: New Year, Fried Octopus, Break it Apart

After adopting the "Takotsubo no Kamae" stance, Hatchan uses a three move combo. First Hatchan charges in with Shin Shun forcing the opponent to block, them Hatchan throws the opponent’s guard open using his swords with Takoage, and finally he charges and head-butts them in the gut and sends them flying with Taikai. If you bring it all together and change the kanji, "Shin Shun Takoage Taikai" or "The New Spring Raising the Kite Festival" is actually a festival in for Ibaraki Prefecture welcoming the new spring on New Year's.


Takoyaki Punch

Kanji: タコ焼きパーンチ
Translation: Takoyaki Punch

Hatchan throws a continuous barrage of punches at this opponent. "Takoyaki" are fried octopus snacks.