Attack Guide


Jet Punch

Kanji: ジェットパンチ
Translation: Jet Punch

Gedatsu activates one of the extinct Jet Dial on his elbows to throw a punch so fast that he disappears. He dislikes using this technique however because the activating the Jet Dial tears his clothing.



Kanji: 心綱(マントラ)
Translation: Mantra

A ability possessed by Enel and his Priests that allows them to sense people's presences nearby and read their thoughts, however it does take a good deal of concentration to keep active.


Milky Dial

Kanji: 雲貝(ミルキーダイアル)
Translation: Milky Dial

Gedatsu uses the Milky Dial in his shoes to fly or evade an attack.


Numa Kumo Burger

Kanji: 沼雲バーガー
Translation: Swamp Cloud Burger

Using two especial Breath Dial hidden in his sleeves, Gedatsu creates a big blob of swamp cloud and throws it at his opponent hoping to capture them inside. If the cloud hits in the head of objective opponent he wouldn't be able to breath.


Numa no Shiren

Kanji: 沼の試練
Translation: Ordeal of Swamp

Gedatsu's Ordeal of Swamp, consists of several dials loaded with swamp clouds located in the ground. This dials makes that the one who steps over the place in which they are set they begin to sink.