Attack Guide

Gecko Moria

Gecko Moria has eaten the Kage Kage no Mi, a fruit that allows you to manipulate at will your own shadows and steal the shadows from the others, and also manipulate them at will. Others who lost their shadows pass into a coma for two whole days, enough for Moria to hide them in the dark. If the victims who have lost their shadows emerged into the sunlight, they will be burned at once, and its shadows gone, too. The victims also lose their reflection in the mirror. This is the reason why Moria hides them.

Moria puts the stolen shadows into a corpse (or Mario), which, returns to live with the shadows, but it also get the attitudes and battle skills from the victims. If a victim had eaten an Akuma no Mi, this will not be copied, but Moria can manipulate their shadows to resemble some of their abilities.

The weakness of the zombies, is salt, since it comes from the ocean. Once a shadow leaves the body of a zombie, it returned to his original owner. Jinbe also show us that to purify a zombies, you can use some seawater (saltwater) to remove the shadows.

Brick Bat

Kanji: 欠片蝙蝠(ブリック・バット)
Translation: Brick Bat

Moria's shadow is transformed into multiple bats, like a brick wall, that serve Moria as shield. In addition, these bats can take the offensive and charge against the enemy biting his extremities.


Brick Bat: Black Box

Kanji: 欠片蝙蝠(ブリック・バット) 影箱(ブラック・ボックス)
Translation: Brick Bat: Black Box

Using Doppelman, Moria divided his shadow into several Brick Bat, and these form a vast and rugged black box that holds his opponent, without letting them get out. Once locked, Moria crush the box.



Kanji: 影法師(ドッペルマン)
Translation: Doppelman

Thanks to the powers of the Kage Kage no Mi, Moria's shadows is bring to live to fight in his place. In addition, Moria and its shadow can interchange their position at any time, allowing him this way to stay away from the battle all the time. The name "Doppelman" comes from "Doppelgänger" , the German word for the phantasmagoric double of a person.


Kage Kakumei

Kanji: 影革命
Translation: Shadow Revolution

This is the skill that allows Moria to manipulate shadows. Using Doppelman, this mixed with the target shadow, and makes it move to Moria's will. This skill is used to make Oars stretch as Luffy. Moria told Chopper that a foreign body can not master the skill of the original user, so by manipulating the shadow, he forces the body to do what Moria says.


Oars Ball

Kanji: オーズ・ボール
Translation: Oars Ball

Using Kakumei Kage technique, Moria makes Oars to become a giant sphere, which it uses to attack.


Shadow's Asgard

Kanji: 影の集合地(シャドーズ・アスガルド)
Translation: Shadow's Asgard

It is Moria's last alternative in combat, and his most powerful attack. In a similar way as Luffy did to become Nightmare Luffy, Moria begins to absorb all the shadows around him (in the case of Thriller Bark, there were 1000 shadow, 10 times more fo what Luffy absorbed). To do this, Moria makes Doppelman into an expansive network that covers a big area absorbing all the shadows around. When they come with Moria, these begin to make his body bigger and stronger. Unfortunately, Moria absorbed more shadows than he could hold, so he began to lose the shadows with each blow.


Tsuno Tokage

Kanji: 角刀影
Translation: Horn Blade Shadow

Using a Doppelman, Moria makes a huge and sharp sword, that penetrates a giant enemy's body.