Attack Guide

Eustass Kid


Kanji: 付与(アサイン)
Translation: Assing

Assign: S-N

Kanji: 付与(アサイン) S(エ ス)N(エ ヌ)
Translation: Assign: S-N

Damned Punk

Kanji: 電磁砲(ダムドパンク)
Translation: Damned Punk

Punk Corna Dio

Kanji: 磁気(パンク)大魔牛(コルナ・ディオ)
Translation: Punk Corna Dio

Punk Crash

Kanji: 磁気激突(パンククラッシュ)
Translation: Punk Crash

Punk Gibson

Kanji: 磁気弦(パンクギブソン)
Translation: Punk Gibson

Punk Pistols

Kanji: 磁気(パンク)ピストルズ
Translation: Punk Pistols

Punk Rotten

Kanji: 磁気魔人(パンクロットン)
Translation: Punk Rotten

Punk Vise

Kanji: 磁気万力(パンクヴァイス)
Translation: Punk Vise


Kanji: 反発(リペル)
Translation: Repel

Using his ability to attract all types of metals, Kid deflects enemy gunfire. This attack is also used to repel any type of attacks with sharp weapons.


Slam Gibson

Kanji: 破壊弦(スラムギブソン)
Translation: Slam Gibson