Attack Guide


1.000.000 Volt Vari

Kanji: 100万V(ボルト)放電(ヴァーリー)
Translation: 1.000.000 Volt Vari

Enel discharges 1.000.000 volts at his opponent. The pun here is that "Vari" is the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound the electricity makes.


100.000.000 Volt Vari

Kanji: 1億V(ボルト)放電(ヴァーリー)
Translation: 100.000.000 Volt Vari

Enel discharges 100.000.000 volts at his opponent.


20.000.000 Volt Vari

Kanji: 2000万V(ボルト)放電(ヴァーリー)
Translation: 20.000.000 Volt Vari

Enel discharges 20.000.000 volts at his opponent.


200.000.000 Volt Amal

Kanji: 2億V(ボルト)雷神(アマル)
Translation: 200.000.000 Volt Amal

Enel transforms into a giant demonic version of Raijin, the Japanese thunder god. In this form Enel is made of pure electricity, can fire giant lightning blasts from his hands and is supposedly at his strongest, but we never see how strong it is as Luffy quickly beats him.


30.000.000 Volt Hino

Kanji: 3000万(ボルト)雷鳥(ヒノ)
Translation: 30.000.000 Volt Hino

Enel bangs the drum on his lower right hand-side with his staff to create a giant hawk-shaped blast of lightning from that drum. "Hino" is an Iroquois thunder god.


60.000.000 Volt Jambure

Kanji: 6000万V(ボルト)雷龍(ジャムブウル)
Translation: 60.000.000 Volt Jambure

Enel bangs his top two drums with his staff to create a giant dragon-shaped blast of lightning from them much stronger then his "Kiten" or "30.000.000 Volt Hino" attacks. The word "Jambure" is based on "Jagtjadbulla" one of the legendary gods known as the "Lightning Brothers" in North Australia. The kanji for "Jambure" means "Thunder Dragon".


El Thor

Kanji: 神の裁き(エル・トール)
Translation: El Thor

Known to the people of Skypiea as "God's Judgment". Enel mostly uses this attack to punish those among his subjects he deems "infidels". Enel focuses a large cluster of electricity above his target, then sends it crashing down from the sky as a huge lightning bolt, eradicating Enel’s unlucky target. He can also use this attack to launch a massive thunder stream from his hand. "El" a commonly used abbreviation in Scandinavian countries for their word "elektrisitet" meaning "electricity" and "Thor" is the Norse god of thunder.


Gloam Paddling

Kanji: 雷冶金(グローム・パドリング)
Translation: Gloam Paddling

Enel uses this Goro Goro no Mi powers to heat and melt nearby metal then reshape it into anything he desires. During his battle with Luffy the used this attack to change his gold staff into a trident and to create the gold ball on Luffy's arm from some of the gold plating on his ship Maxim. Thus far, Enel has only manipulated gold with this attack, but he may be able to use it with other metals as well. The kanji for this atack means "Thunder Metallurgy".



Kanji: 電光(カリ)
Translation: Kari

A defensive move, Enel transforms into an explosive thunderclap, using the resulting heated the air currents around him to disrupt any incoming attacks. Enel himself reappears moments later completely unharmed. "Kari" is the Malayan god of thunder.



Kanji: 雷獣(キテン)
Translation: Kiten

Enel bangs the drum on his lower left hand-side with his staff to create a giant beast-shaped blast of lightning from that drum. "Kiten" is a legendary Japanese thunder beast.



Kanji: 万雷(ママラガン)
Translation: Mamaragan

This attack requires Enel's Ark Maxim, after Maxim has created a large enough thundercloud, Enel uses this attack to summon large numbers of lightning bolts from the cloud. The kanji in "Mamaragan" spell "banrai" which means "heavy thunder", but "Mamaragan" is a Central Australian Aboriginal god of thunder.



Kanji: 心綱(マントラ)
Translation: Mantra

A ability possessed by Enel and his Priests that allows them to sense people's presences nearby and read their thoughts, however it does take a good deal of concentration to keep active. Not only is Enel naturally the best at controlling his Mantra, but his Goro Goro no Mi powers augment them even further and allow him to hear the thoughts of everyone in Skypiea.


MAX 200.000.000 Volt Vari

Kanji: MAX(マックス)2億V(ボルト)放電(ヴァーリー)
Translation: MAX 200.000.000 Volt Vari

Enel discharges 200.000.000 volts at his opponent. This is his max level of electricity.



Kanji: 雷迎
Translation: Thunder Welcome

Enel gathers the dense thunderclouds generated by his Ark Maxim into a huge. When the sphere collides with something it explodes in a giant blast of lightning and vaporizes anything that gets too close. This attack is strong enough to wipe out an entire island in one blast. This attack is a pun on the term "raigoh", which refers to the coming of Amida Buddha to welcome the spirits of the dead, but in this case the kanji for "lightning" has been inserted in place of "come".



Kanji: 稲妻(サンゴ)
Translation: Sango

Enel unleashes a massive charge of electricity from his hand that forms a wide blast used to devastate large areas with no specific target in mind. "Sango", "Sanga" or "Chango" is the Yoruba (West African) god of thunder.