Attack Guide


Dosun is a hammerhead shark gyojin. As any gyojin, he is 10 times stronger than a regular human out of water and 20 times stronger under it. Dosun uses a huge hammer as a weapon.

Apart from these abilities, Dosun can ingest a substance called "Energy Steroid", which potentiates his speed and strength.

Dosun current strength can be measured at any time thanks to his peculiar way of speaking, as Dosun has the habit of adding his name to the end of his sentences, but after ingesting the "Energy Steroid", he replace it with diferent explosion onomatopoeias.

Papara Hammer

Kanji: パパラ槌(ハンマー)
Translation: Papara Hammer

After a jump, Dosun spins in the air at full speed with the intention of hitting the enemy with his hammer. Unfortunately we never did see how much damage does this attack on an opponent, since Chopper in "Monster Point" beat him quickly.



Kanji: Tショット
Translation: T-Shot

Dosun crushes his opponent using his enormous hammer. The name of the attack is a reference to the tee shot in golf.