Attack Guide


Djola has eaten the "Ato Ato no Mi", which allows her to produce from her hands some kind of steam, which to the contact with something (either a person or an object), it automatically becomes art. These pieces of art can stay static forever (so the opponent would die instantly), or may still be alive but negating their ability to attack.

Broken Fu Art

Kanji: ブロークンフ・アート
Translation: Broken Fu Art

With the palms of her hands, Djola launch several clouds of her "Ato Ato" ability to her rivals. The clouds will transform the opponents or their weapons in cubic art at contact.


Dying Art

Kanji: 命の芸術(ダイイングアート)
Translation: Dying Art

Inspiring her art with Brook's music, Djola transforms a group of enemies into a painting. According to Djola's words, after 10 minutes, the change will be permanent, causing the enemies trapped in the painting to die.


Heaven's Door Art

Kanji: ヘブンズ・ドア・アート
Translation: Heaven's Door Art

Djola releases art clouds from his hands covering her surroundings, creating this way a dimension in which the art rules govern. Within this world, Djola is able to manipulate the shapes of things and become herself a giant being. This technique was only used in the anime.