Attack Guide


Diamante has eaten the Hira Hira no Mi, which lets him to turn anything he touches into a flutting object. This way, he is able to handle and mold any object easily, being able of reversing the process at any time.

Diamante can also turn himself into a flutting being to avoid enemy attacks.

In addition, Diamante has a sword and a multitude of weapons hidden in his clothing thanks to his ability. For example, in one of his broochs he hides a folded club and his cape is actually made of iron.

Army Bandera

Kanji: 陸軍旗(アーミーバンテラ)
Translation: Army Flag

Diamante uses his ability to make the ground on his feet to start flutting as a flag. This way, his enemies lose their balance and are unable to move freely.


Death Enjambre

Kanji: 死の星屑(デス・エンハンブレ)
Translation: Death Swarm


Hangetsu Glaive

Kanji: 半月グレイブ
Translation: Half Moon Glaive


Hira Release: Toge no Tekkyuu

Kanji: 解除(ヒラリリース) 棘の鉄球
Translation: Flutter Release: Spiked Steel Balls


Lock: Corrida Glaive

Kanji: ロック 闘牛(コリーダ)グレイブ
Translation: Lock: Bullfight Glaive

Diamond uses his ability to mold his sword, making the blade to take the form of a bull. Then, he uses this new weapon as glaive to attack his enemies.


Vipera Glaive

Kanji: 蛇の剣(ウイーペラグレイブ)
Translation: Viper Glaive