Attack Guide


Daruma is cookie-cutter shark gyojin. Despite being very small, Daruma has extremely sharp teeth. So sharp that they are able to saw everything on his path, including granite and solid surfaces. With this ability, Daruma is able to dig holes in the ground and hide in them to attack his enemies by surprise. In his attacks, Daruma sometimes used the "Hissatsu" (sure-kill tagline, also often used by Usopp.

Apart from these abilities, Daruma can ingest a substance called "Energy Steroid", which potentiates his speed and strength.

Cookie Cutter

Kanji: クッキーカッター
Translation: Cookie Cutter

Using his teeth, Daruma began to dig trenches with the intention of bringing down one or several rivals, or simply to hide. The weakness of the technique is that if he make many excavations, they leave him exposed to other enemy attacks, similar to what happened to Miss Merry Christmas of Baroque Works. The name of this attack is a pun on his race, "cookie-cutter shark".


Daruma Otoshi

Kanji: ダルマ落とし
Translation: Daruma Drop

After digging several trenches with "Cookie Cutter", the surface is weakened and brings down his rivals. This attack has a special meaning: the "Daruma" are some ovoids figures without arms or legs representing Bodhidharma (an Indian monk, who was representative of Buddhism), which is said to have lost both after meditate so much. Due to his ovoid shape, when these figures are pushed they always return to their original axis. There are several games around this figure, as a version of "Red Light, Green Light" or "Daruma Otoshi", a similar game to "Jenga" in which you need to removed with a mallet the parts from the tower without dropping Daruma's head from the top.


Hi Daruma Cutter

Kanji: 火ダルマカッター
Translation: Fireball Cutter

Going at full speed from one of the trenches created with "Cookie Cutter", Daruma turns his body into fire and tries to bite his opponent. This attack can be interpreted in several ways. If you read the first part as "Hidaruma" it would be translated as "Body in Flames", as "Daruma" is a pun on his own name. Also, "Cutter" may be a pun on "cookie-cutter shark".