Attack Guide


Chuu is the less strong one of all the Arlong main crewmembers and he seems a little vague compared to the others, since he always carries his hands in the pockets. The reason for this apparent lack of disposition to fight, is in the fact that he is actually a long distance fighter, his main weapon is the own water that can shot with his mouth at impressive speeds. One of these shots is powerful enough to even cross a tree.

Hyappatsu Mizudeppou

Kanji: 百発水鉄砲
Translation: 100 Shot Squirt Gun

Chuu fires lots of powerful Mizudeppou blasts like a machine gun.


Mizu Taihou

Kanji: 水大砲
Translation: Water Cannon

Chuu sucks in massive amounts of water, then spits it back out in one big torrential blast.



Kanji: 水鉄砲
Translation: Squirt Gun

Chuu uses his mouth like an industrial strength pressure washer and fires a high pressure stream of water at is opponent, or for that matter, anything else he feels like blowing apart.