Attack Guide

Caesar Clown

Caesar is a scientist who was once Vegapunk rival, making him capable of using scientific principles to defend. Thanks for eating the "Gasu Gasu no Mi", which allows him to manipulate all kinds of gas, whether artificial, poisonous and even oxygen itself, he can use that knowledge for his advantage. Since this ability is Logia, common attacks are not effective against him, however, anyone with Ambition can hit him like an ordinary human.

Luffy compared his ability with Magellan's "Doku Doku no Mi", although Caesar brags saying his skills are not comparable to Impel Down's warden.

Blue Sword

Kanji: 青炎剣(ブルーソード)
Translation: Blue Sword

Pulling out a sword handle from his robe, Caesar lights it with his gas as if it was a torch. This creates a dangerous fire sword. This sword is capable not only of cutting an opponent, but also burn him, or create a fire around. The kanji used for this attack means "Blue Flame Sword".



Kanji: ガスローブ
Translation: Gasrobe

Caesas extends hir robe transforming it into gas, so he can surround his rival with this trying to make him breathe this poisonous gas. This technique is effective and deadly, but unfortunately for Caesar, it didn't hurt Luffy, since Luffy claimed that after facing Magellan, poison doesn't work on him any longer.



Kanji: ガスタネット
Translation: Gastanets

Caesar gets out of his robe a pair of killer castanets, which, when are played, generate a spark that can ignite the gas causing a tremendous explosion around him. "Gastanets" is a word play on castanets.



Kanji: ガスティーユ
Translation: Gastile

Caesar shoots a powerful flammable gas blast from his mouth that ends in a huge explosion. "Gastille" is a pun on Gastille (Castila in French).



Kanji: 無空世界(カラクニ)
Translation: Emty Air World

An highly effective technique for virtually any type of opponent. With his ability, Caesar removes any oxygen around so his opponent suffocates and be neutralized. This technique is extremely effective, but Caesar himself says he can only do it in a reduced diameter, so if he's attacked from a distance it's impossible to suffocate his opponents. However, despite this, Caesar is capable of preventing projectiles as fire attacks, since this element needs oxygen to occur.


Nenshoukei: Miok Gas

Kanji: 燃焼系 ミオークGAS
Translation: Combustiblei: Miok Gas

Caesar lights two matches and generates a flammable gas (gas Miok) around him to form a powerful explosion.