Attack Guide


Buffalo has eaten the "Guru Guru no Mi", which allows him to transform any limb of his body into a huge rotating propellers, which allow him, among other things, to fly like a helicopter and launch powerful gusts of wind capable of clearing the sky.

Guru Guru Tousha Hou

Kanji: グルグル投射砲
Translation: Rotating Projection Cannon

A combined technique with Baby 5. Once Baby 5 has transformed with "Missile Girl", Buffalo grabs her from the legs and rotating both arms, launches the missile at full speed against an opponent.


Toppuu Matasaburou

Kanji: 突風又三郎
Translation: Sudden Gust Matasaburou

Spining his neck, Buffalo creates a huge typhoon able to clear the sky. In this case, he was able to clear a cloud of poisonous gas. The name "Matasaburou" comes from a story in which a child, after a day of strong wind, arrives at a school from a town to the side of a mountain and a few days later he disappears again with the arrival of the wind.