Attack Guide



Kanji: 覇国
Translation: Warrior Nation

A combo attack between Dorry and Brogy. Both giants begin by charging themselves up and thus producing an aura of energy around their bodies and weapons (Dorry's aura is blue and Brogy's is red, hence their nicknames). Then they slash their weapons in unison causing their auras to spiral forward and then mix into a giant red and blue energy spear. They claim that this attack can pierce anything except for the "Red Blood Serpent", though no one knows exactly what this "Red Blood Serpent" is, though it is rumored to be some kind of Elbaf deity. The phrase "Warrior Nation" is most likely a reference to Dorry and Brogy's home, Elbaf the island of the giant warrior tribe; however, I believe the Kanji for this attack can also be read as "Holy Wind Lance".



Kanji: 隔(スキールダ)
Translation: Split


Kanji: 太陽の盾(スヴァリン)
Translation: Svalinn