Attack Guide

Boa Hancock

In her slave years with the Tenryuubito, Boa Hancock was forced to eat the Mero Mero no Mi, which gave her the ability to be very attractive and to turn her victims into stone by having impure thoughts on her. Only Vice Admiral Momonga and Luffy are the ones that have been seen immune to his ability (the Vice Admiral for stabbing his hand and dispel his impure thoughts, and Luffy for not having impure thoughts at all). This ability has become her very powerful reason why she became an Ouka Shichibukai.

In addition to these skills, Hancock has shown a tremendous kicking power capable of destroying even solid stone. This ability, combined with the fact that people can turn to stone, makes a formidable adversary.

Besides all this, as all Kuya she can use Ambition, but Hancock is one of the chosen ones who have demonstrated Dynasty Traits Ambition.

Mero Mero Merrow

Kanji: メロメロ甘風(メロウ)
Translation: Falling in Love Merrow

Hancock's basic technique. After having "attracted" a group of people with his beauty, Hancock shape with his hands a figure resembling a heart, from which, comes out like a beam similar to the "Noro Noro Bean" and which at contact with the person or persons concerned, turns them into stone forever, unless Hancock uses "Awaken" technique. Once turned into stone, the victims are exposed to be destroyed, either by Hancock, or others.



Kanji: 目覚めよ
Translation: Awaken

This technique was used Hancock to remove the spell of the attack "Mero Mero Merrow". Hancock blows a kiss that turn into small particles, at contact with the victims takes away the stone state.


Perfume Femur

Kanji: 芳香脚(パフューム・フェムル)
Translation: Perfume Femur

Once her opponents are turned into stone, Hancock attacks them with a series of devastating kicks. If an opponent is not haunted by the "Slave Arrow" or "Mero Mero Merrow", Hancock turns their enemies into stone in with the contact of her leg.


Pistol Kiss

Kanji: 銃(ピストル)キス
Translation: Pistol Kiss

Using the Mero Mero ability, Hancock launches a kiss that he gets on her index finger, and pointing with this finger, Hancock shoot the kiss as if it was a cannonball.


Slave Arrow

Kanji: 虜の矢(スレイブ・アロー)
Translation: Slave Arrow

Using the ability of the Mero Mero no Mi, Hancock kisses his right index finger, and holding the kiss, summons a huge heart. From this, she starts shooting some powerful arrows that at getting through one or more opponents, they are turned into stone.